As someone who has profoundly benefited from Trilome, all I can say is that it has exponentially improved my quality of life. It did, for me, more than decades of talk therapy and all other modalities combined in such a short time. Lisa is my main healthcare practitioner now and I will continue to employ Trilome as an integral part of my life.

— D.L., Los Angeles


Under Lisa’s expert guidance, my psychedelic journey unfolded as an exploration of self, surpassing all expectations. Lisa’s compassionate presence and expertise fostered a deeply safe and nurturing environment throughout the experience. This unwavering sense of safety allowed me to fully trust the transformative process, leading to invaluable insights and an enduring path of growth that continues to resonate in my life.

— L.M., New York


What I experienced in my Trilome session was like nothing else I’d ever experienced. I released major traumas that were hidden in my body for decades. I saw their inner-workings, lessons and purpose. I was able to look at them through a lens of love and understanding. All I felt was love. Pure love. I had so many a-ha moments. Lisa held such a safe space for all of it. 

— D.R., Los Angeles