Trilome Academy

Trilome Academy

Trilome Academy is an educational course so practitioners can integrate the Trilome approach into their practice. The course is 16 weeks long and consists of videos, worksheets, live calls, case studies, all hosted in a secure online platform. This course is one of kind and designed to fit any schedule in any time zone.

Trilome is a new method being pioneered and will change how practitioners approach holistic healing. The introspective state induced by psychedelics can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and one's traumas or emotional challenges. This complements the physical aspect of bodywork, which aims to release tension and blockages in the body. When combined, the physical release through bodywork can be synchronized with emotional and psychological release through psychedelic facilitation. This holistic approach can lead to more profound and lasting healing, as it addresses multiple dimensions of human existence: physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, which are the pillars of Trilome.


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Who is Trilome Academy for?

If you're a bodyworker, massage therapist, or have hands-on experience in therapeutic work, this program is designed specifically for you. If you've felt a call for deeper healing and transformation, this program aims to resonate with empathetic and purpose-driven individuals like yourself.


What You Will Learn

1st Module: Provides a foundational understanding of the nervous system and how past experiences shape our present. You'll learn about the mind/body connection and identify patterns that influence behavior, setting the stage for the deeper exploration of psychedelics and bodywork in subsequent modules. This base knowledge is crucial for safely and effectively using psychedelics for healing.

2nd Module: Equips you with the knowledge and skills to ethically and safely use psychedelics. I'll cover their history, effects, and therapeutic potential, emphasizing safe practices and ethical considerations. This module is essential for understanding how to responsibly guide others through their psychedelic journeys.

3rd Module: Teaches you to seamlessly integrate psychedelics and bodywork, focusing on best practices as a Trilome practitioner. You'll learn techniques for combining these modalities to facilitate deep healing and transformation, ensuring a safe, effective, and ethical practice.

4th Module: Brings everything together, focusing on implementing best business practices and networking strategies. You'll learn how to establish a successful, ethical Trilome practice, attract your ideal clients, and create a supportive network, ensuring a thriving and sustainable business.



  • In-depth learning about the 5 bodies and how they interact (physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual, spiritual)
  • How to navigate the nervous system
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Energy and Energy Work
  • Working with our Protective Patterns
  • Psychedelics: What they are and how they work
  • Safe and Ethical use (dosing, contraindications, harm reduction)
  • Putting together a Trilome Session: Psychedelics and Bodywork together
  • Boundaries: For yourself, your practice, and your clients
  • Integrity as a Practitioner
  • Networking Skills
  • Best Business Practices


Course Features

  • Live weekly coaching calls with me (training and Q&A)
  • Private and secure network for daily communication, learning and community building
  • In-depth interviews and teachings from other experts
  • Case study assignments for hands-on practice
  • Live workshops and interactive sessions


This educational course is not an official certification to become a Trilome practitioner. It is up to you to use your own clinical judgment how you implement this information and follow the ethical and legal guidelines of your licensing boards and local state laws.


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