Summer 2024 Updates

I am thrilled to share some incredible updates and exciting developments with you! Trilome has been experiencing a period of tremendous growth and evolution, and I am grateful for your continued support and engagement. Here’s what has been happening:


1. Australia Adventure

In March, I had the honor of speaking at Selfseeker’s 'Using Plants as Medicine' conference in Australia. It was a milestone moment where I shared my story and introduced Trilome publicly for the first time. After the conference, Selfseeker's Nick Sesh invited me to sit down for an interview, which is now available on YouTube.


During my six weeks in Brisbane, Australia, I was invited to speak with the Australia Psychedelic Society - Brisbane Chapter, further spreading the message of Trilome and psychedelic integrative bodywork.

I met so many wonderful people and completed 16 sessions during my time there. I also had a transformative medicine experience myself that called me to fully embrace my role in working with and training healers around the world. To the divine soul who held space for me and facilitated that medicine experience, you have my deepest gratitude!

Exciting news! I’ve been invited back to Australia on October 12th, 2024 to speak at another conference (details coming soon).

If you are in Australia, and you are interested in the Trilome Academy training or receiving a session yourself, please send me an email: [email protected].

2. Trilome Documentary

Filming has begun for the Trilome Documentary with the talented Dawn Lunsford. This project aims to capture the essence of Trilome, its evolution, and the transformative impact on myself, the Trilome Academy students, and our clients. I'm projecting this will be a five year project as we follow the legalization process across the US and the training program.

If you feel called to share your experience with Trilome and be a part of this film, I would love to talk to you.

3. Graduates of Trilome Academy

I am proud to announce that the first round of Trilome Academy students graduated in May. We now have certified Trilome practitioners in Washington and Mexico (with Georgia and Australia soon to follow ...)

Congratulations to the new practitioners: Melissa Hawkins and Alysha Hop

4. Updated Trilome Academy Training Program

The Trilome Academy training program has been updated to include an enhanced online portion and a transformative 7-day in-person empowerment retreat. I am now accepting applications for the next cohort.

A new Trilome Academy website and online application will be out soon. For now, if you are ready to deepen your practice and expand your healing potential, apply now by scheduling a call with me.

Los Angeles: I'm looking for 3 more clients to participate in a supervised Trilome session with my students in August 2024. If you are interested in a discounted session, please reach out to me.

5. Upcoming Travels

- New York City (August 1st - 7th):  I will be in NYC during the first week of August offering Trilome sessions and Psychedelic experiences. Appointments are available, to schedule your session Click Here.

- Australia (October 2024): I'm gauging interest in offering a live training and giving sessions. If you are interested in either, Click Here to schedule a call for more information or send me an email: [email protected].

- Georgia (Nov 2024): I will be back in Georgia the first week of November offering Trilome sessions and Psychedelic experiences. Appointments are available, to schedule your session Click Here.

6. Shoutout LA Feature

Keep an eye out for an upcoming article in Shoutout LA, where I will be featured. I am excited to share more about my journey, the inspiration for Trilome, and my vision for the future.

What a year it has been already! Deva and I are taking time to slow down and appreciate the blessing we've experienced. I look forward to the rest of what 2024 has in store.

Sending love from the beautiful waters of Menorca, Spain.


Much Love,

Lisa (currently under maintenance, will be published again soon!)


Your engagement and support have been vital to the growth of Trilome. I encourage you to connect with me, whether it’s to schedule an appointment, apply for the Trilome Academy, or simply share your experiences.