What does "Trilome" mean?

The word Trilome is inspired by Unalome, the Buddhist symbol representing a person’s path through their life is not a straight line as they search for purpose and enlightenment. This symbol encompasses every aspect of human existence as a singular form (Unalome). 

Trilome identifies the aspects of human existence as three main components (physical, emotional and spiritual) which need to be balanced in order to support a person’s path through their life. This unique approach to healing brings awareness to the relationship between the three components and how they may be impacting each other. The intention is to identify the root cause of pain or misalignment in each, and as a whole, and open the door for deep healing.


What to Expect - Trilome Bodywork and Meditation

The first step is scheduling a consultation call so I can gather information and see if we are a good fit to work together. The intake process is designed to determine if Trilome is right for you and design a protocol that meets your needs. If we both agree to move forward with scheduling a session, a link will be provided to schedule the session online.

If you have an established relationship with a mental health professional already, I strongly encourage a communicative collaboration with them so they know the work you are embarking on. If you do not already have an established relationship with a mental health professional, referrals are available.

Integration after a Bodywork or Meditation session is just as important as the actual session. Support in how to integrate the experience into your everyday life and what to do with the information you may have received is essential. I will coordinate with your mental health professional and we will schedule an integration call for a week after the session (in order to allow time for the experience to settle). Making sure you have ongoing support after your experience is important and a main focus post-Trilome.


The Energy Exchange

Structural Integration Bodywork - $200

Home visits are available for $300 (contact me directly to schedule).


Trilome Bodywork or Meditation - $1,500

A deposit of $100 is required to book your session.

Financial assistance is available. Trilome is committed to ensuring these services are accessible to all, regardless of your financial situation. Please schedule a consultation call to discuss options.


How is Structural Integration bodywork different from massage?

Structural Integration (SI) and massage differ in their focus and approach. SI aims to restructure and realign the body's connective tissues, specifically the fascia, to reduce pain, improve posture and movement patterns. There is no specific routine used, the session is completely based on what your body needs. Clients stay fully dressed the entire time. In contrast, massage primarily targets muscles and soft tissues for relaxation and pain relief, typically following a specific routine. Massage therapist will use oils and lotions and clients are undressed under a sheet. While both practices can benefit the body, SI focuses on lasting structural changes, while massage provides temporary relief and relaxation. The choice between them depends on individual goals and needs.


Does Structural Integration bodywork hurt?

No, not the way I practice. I don't believe in working through pain in order to force the body to shift. My goal is to work with your nervous system to identify where tension is being held and give your body time to process and then respond to the input. 


How does Trilome Bodywork work? I've never heard of it before.

Correct, this is a truly unique process developed from my own experience processing my life experiences. You stay fully dressed the entire time and great care is taken to ensure a safe experience. There is no disassociation. In fact, the goal is for you to stay connected to your body. Through the session, we stay with an area of tension, pain, or discomfort and work with the psychedelic medicines to process where it came from, how it got there, and what your body needs in order to release. Then we use bodywork to help release it from your tissues.


What is the difference between a Trilome Bodywork session and a Trilome Meditation session?

With the Trilome Bodywork session, you are given less medicine and the focus is on the body and stored tension, pain, or trauma. In a Trilome Meditation session, you are given a larger dose of medicine, there is no bodywork, and the focus is on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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