About Me

Hello, I'm Lisa Parker

Hello! I'm Lisa Parker, a board-certified Structural Integration Practitioner and the founder of Trilome™. I am a graduate of The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and I'm proud to be a member of both the International Association of Structural Integration (IASI) and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

My expertise lies in working with the body and nervous system to provide relief from chronic pain, tension, suppressed emotion, PTSD, anxiety, and trauma. Since 2016, I have been integrating sacred plant medicines into my practice, and as of 2019, I have been doing so professionally. My personal journey of seeking relief from my own trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and dissociation led me to discover the incredible potential of combining bodywork and plant medicines. Through my extensive experience, I have developed a profound understanding of the body's capacity for holding, the mind's ability to suppress, and how to effectively address both using psychedelics and bodywork. The aim is to restore balance to the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of an individual's experience, both separately and as an integrated whole. This unique approach serves as the foundation of Trilome™.

My unwavering commitment to personal growth and healing is evident in the transformative outcomes achieved through my practice. In 2019, I embarked on a two-month journey to Peru, where I immersed myself in the jungle to study these plants and work alongside master healers. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, I obtained certification in Navigating Psychedelics: For Clinicians and Therapists from The Psychedelic Education Center. In 2022, I established an Advisory Board for Trilome™, and in 2023, I formed a Conclave of Mental Health Professionals to foster collaboration in Trilome sessions. I am privileged to collaborate with two Medical Doctors and other professionals, collectively creating unique healing experiences for clients when traditional methods have proven inadequate.

My services are available in the Los Angeles area and surrounding regions, including Long Beach, Malibu, Topanga, and Ojai. The dedication I bring to healing and personal growth is profoundly reflected in the work I do, and my clients consistently testify to the transformative effects of their experiences with Trilome.


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